Camille Bertault – Pas de géant (Making of)

« Virtuoso album»
Le Figaro

« With breathtaking virtuosity and sophisticated lyrics but no disdain
for humor, Camille Bertault is already a great talent.
Alex Dutilh, France Musique.

« Much more than a buzz»

« The new voice of jazz»
Vanity Fair

« A young marvel»

« One of the most talented artists on the current scene»
Les Inrockuptibles

« Camille Bertault is more than merely a sly vocal gymnast; she’s a fine composer and a singer who carefully coaxes the emotional impact out of a melody.»

« Camille Bertault deploys her vocal qualities in the format of fantasy or intimate songs, with a refined sense of the alliance
between meaning and sound.
Le Monde

« A sense of rhythm of stunning precision, infallible correctness, a sensual and laughing phrasing, a jazz culture — and classical — that flourishes at every moment.»
Jazz magazine